Home Inspection News Articles!

Inspection After Remodeling?


Should I get a home inspection after we have a remodel? Here is an article from Porch.com 

What's NOT included?


Gain a better understanding of what a home inspection entails and what is NOT included. Here is a useful article.

Is the Neighborhood Safe?


You've found the perfect home. But you don't know the area. This article may help with where to start researching. 

Homes Need Maintenance!


Every home needs regular maintenance, just like our cars and even ourselves. Keeping things in tip-top shape. Here's some help!

We Aren't Superheroes 😔


You mean a home inspection isn't also a psychic? Unfortunately not. Read this article on some myths that buyers have.

What's Important in a Home Inspection?


You get your inspection report...now what? Learn what is important in a home inspection and what to look for!

And a little something for our sellers too!

Selling? Target Millennials with Technology!


Thinking of selling your home? After you get a pre-listing inspection, start making small upgrades to target the millennial. Check out this article from Realtor.com 

Seller's Checklist!


Sometimes all you need is a little sprucing up to get your home to shine! Often times, sellers don't know where to start. Here's a great article from realtor.com to help!