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What's Included in a Home Inspection?

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What Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a comprehensive, non-invasive and visual inspection of a home's exterior and interior components. Your inspector will evaluate the condition of 100+ different components on your property. 

  • Exterior:
    • Roof Coverings, Flashings and Drainage Systems
    • Roof Penetrations; Chimneys, Vents & Flues, and Skylights
    • Exterior Wall Cladding, Siding and Trim
    • Exterior Windows, Doors and Attached Garages
    • Decks, Porches and Patios, including walkways and driveways
    • Foundations, Property Grading and more!

  • Interior:
    • Attic and Roof Systems, Wall, Ceiling & Floor Structures
    • Interior Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceilings and Floors
    • Plumbing Systems and Fixtures
    • Electrical System; Panels, Receptacles and Light Fixtures
    • Heating Systems and Components
    • Air Conditioning Systems (Central A/C Systems)
    • Basements, Crawlspaces and many more components!

Why Should I Get A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is an integral part of your home purchase. This may be the largest investment you will ever make throughout your life, why wouldn't you want to know the homes condition? Much of the stress associated with your home-buying experience is not knowing if you're making a sound financial decision. Many homeowners quickly realize after they move in to their dream home, that it is more of a nightmare. Discovering many safety issues or defects after moving into your home means that the repairs and costs associated with the defective components are now your responsibility. 

Often times, this leads to "buyers regret" and sometimes even financial failures. If you had purchased a home inspection (typically costing less than .1% of your purchase price) these defects would more than likely have been discovered and possibly fixed by the homeowner or sellers. 

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Mission statements – Whether you're purchasing your first home or an investment property, Summit Home Inspection encourages each client to follow their home inspector to learn about each system and component. Homes require upkeep and proper maintenance to ensure you get the most our of your investment. Every home will require attention, no matter if it's a new home or a historic home. We are dedicated to explain anything and everything the client wishes to learn about! 

What to Expect in Your Report

Make sure you read your entire inspection report and attached documents carefully.

Your home inspection report will be full of useful information ranging from safety issues, defective and damaged components to smaller maintenance style items. Each one is important, but some may need to be immediately addressed, whereas others can wait.

We encourage our clients to look at some sample inspection reports to get an understanding of what to expect from their inspection.

How to Read Your Inspection Report

Summit Home Inspection utilizes Spectora Reporting Software. This software is cutting-edge and delivers exceptional information in an easy to understand, web-based platform. Many homeowners and buyers are used to PDF style reports, so we understand the learning curve associated with the new technology. 

Spectora has produced an informative video to fully explain each of the components in the report and helps to guide you through each section. 

Take the time to fully understand your report!